Pizza making

We always love to cook at nursery. This time we’ve practised our pizza making skills.

When we cook the children learn so much, listening, using their bodies, health, where ingredients come from, problem solving, maths and safety skills.

We want the children to experience it themselves so we give them all the opportunity to do this independently. Some children don’t want to be disturbed from their play to join in and that’s their decision. They all usually want a turn once they see what the others are up to.

For our pizza we weighed out 40g of self raising flour, with some support the children measured 10ml of olive oil and 20mls of milk to add to their flour. We talked about what we could do if the dough was sticky or crumbly. They mixed until they formed a dough before kneading it and shaping it. We let them spread their own tomato purée giving them the opportunity to say how much they needed. They then sprinkled on some grated mozzarella. We then cooked them for 12-15 minutes at 180.

The children were so proud of their pizzas. This recipe gives them the chance to also make individual pizzas at home, then they could try adding different toppings too.

Cooking is an important and fun skill to develop from a young age!

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