Summer term!

It’s so wonderful to start the Summer term with sunshine! Of course this meant we spent most of the week in our fantastic garden, exploring, taking risks and using our imaginations!

At nursery we believe what happens inside should also happen in our garden. Children are able to make decisions about which toys they’d like out and we set up the area like we do inside.

We’re also excited to hear the news from our school leavers about where they will start their next adventure. This term is always full of happiness and excitement but sadness that we have to say goodbye to some amazing children and their families.

Some of the children have enjoyed sharing their jokes this week. These are some of my favourites.

“Why did Jupiter cross the road?” “Because it was squashing the humans.”

“Why did the rainbow cross the road?” “He wanted to go to school.”

“Why did the cow cross the road?” “He needed a poo.” 

Of course you can’t have a joke with pre schoolers without poo being involved somewhere! 

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