It’s been a week of exploring. This week we’ve set up the big paper on the floor which allows children to use different muscles when drawing, it also gives them a bigger space to create and the opportunity to collaborate with peers. We’ve loved being hairdressers this week, we have a lovely styling head the children can use with some tools but they do love having live models and the adults have had some fab hairstyles this week.

We’ve also loved our slime. One of the children requested frogs to play with this week so we soaked some chia seeds in water overnight to make some spawn for them. We later added food colouring and bowls and spoons to explore the slime in a different way, it was lovely to hear the children start talking about making Christmas dinner while playing with it. I also apologise for any purple hands, I may have gotten carried away with the colouring. 

We also used our woodwork tools this week, a great way to develop safety skills and those fine motor skills used to write and draw with. 

We also read The Runaway tractor, sang our tractor song and set up our farm on different tables using our planks to connect the tables, so the tractors could drive across, or the animals could move to a different space. 

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