Our sparkly week…

This week we’ve enjoyed exploring sparkly things leading up to bonfire night! We’ve used tweezers to pick up glittery pom-poms, it’s very important to get these muscles working as they help with our early writing skills. We’ve also mark maked using glittery salt and wooden sticks. It’s important that children have different areas to mark make in.There was also lots of neon paint on black paper. 
The children have shown a new interest in being hairdressers this week, they were lucky to have some live models and the next day we set out our box of hairdressing tools and dolls head to extend this play. 
We’ve enjoyed reading our story this week, ‘I looked through my window’. It was lots of fun to learn about a new word ‘mischievous’.  We learnt this meant that the monkey was a little bit cheeky or naughty. We also enjoyed our firework song this week, with lots of different movements. 

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