Autumn made an appearance this week and it allowed us to create lots of autumn fun for the children. We had a tray full of autumn squashes, leaves, conkers and acorns. We used magnifying glasses to look at the details, used tweezers and scoops to pick them up (which uses all the muscles we need to begin developing our early writing skills). We added playdough to the tray and used the items to make patterns or we wrapped them up in playdough.
We made our own spider webs with ribbon, sellotape and scissors, lots of teamwork and problem solving needed for this task and some pretend spiders. 
We of course played in the rain and filled our buckets of water! Rain doesn’t stop our outside play.
We also used autumn colours on the creative table, making colourful glue and beautifully coloured wool to make our collages.
Another busy week of having fun! 

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